Welcome to the
Herpetological Society of Singapore

Right: Green Crested Lizard (Bronchocela cristatella)
by Toh Weiyang

What We Do

The Herpetological Society of Singapore is a volunteer-run group of herpetology enthusiasts. We are passionate about the conservation, appreciation, and study of reptiles and amphibians in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

by Pranammeka Sathya

We are big on education and outreach! Come join us on our regular public guided walks and see what herps we can find in our own backyard. Or perhaps come listen to one of the many talks we give all around the island!

We are also passionate about advancing regional herpetological knowledge. We regularly support herpetofauna surveys and conduct research. Doing work on reptiles and amphibians in Singapore and Southeast Asia? Let us know! We’d love to feature your work.

What’s Next?

Come to our Speaker Series: Herpers in the House! Listen to these herpetologists share their experiences with reptiles and amphibians from all over the world!

When: 22nd February 2020, 8.30am-1pm
Where: Function Hall, Level 1 Botany Centre, Singapore Botanic Gardens

[POSTPONED]: In light of the evolving COVID-19 situation, we are postponing the Herpers in the House event and all Herp Walks until further notice. We seek your kind understanding!

Find us Online!

Left: Wagler’s Pit Viper (Tropidolaemus wagleri)
by Noel Thomas

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